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monthly shopping/home/car manetinace shopping.

May 2nd, 2009 at 08:45 am

well this month I had a lot on my buying plate.darnit

First off we found out my son is allergic to cats and cockroach poo.He has severe athsma.so there no spraying or harsh smells when hes around.so we have been going room by room bleaching finding a home for our two cats and stuff while I have a few people to watch him right now.also noticed I needed to restock my firstaid kits

valve cover gasket 25.00

88lbs dogfood 31.00
1-t.paper 5.97
1-cell phone card 24.88
1-printer cartridge 22.68
2- 2ltr pepsi 2.00
1-almomd joy .74
2-pk kotex 2.00-.75/1 cpns
1-mascara 6.47-free ac
2-wood glue 12.76
1-mophead 5.98
1-fishfood 5.97
1-duct tape 1.00
2-caulk 2.54
1-bleach 2.54
1-wasp killer 3.12
1-flytape 1.12
2-roach spray 5.08
6-bandaids 14.93 -1/1cpns
1-butterfy closers 1.67 -1/1 cpn
1-rolled gause 2.22-1/1 cpn
1-waterproof tape 2.74-1/1 cpn

toop:151.12 11.00 of which is tax
savings:16.97 anys better than none

walgreens:since i hand some rrs to use

trans 1
2-bugbombs 9.48
1-nivea body lotion 4.99
1-bottle of pain reliver 1.99

toop 9.16
saving 8.00
got 5.00 rr for later

trans 2
1-nivea body lotion 4.99
2-bugbombs 9.48
1-8pk bowls 2.00 mothers day for my sis

toop 8.56
savings 8.50
got 5.00 rr for later

last but not least

dollar general
1-birdfeeder 2.00 moms motherday
2-electrasol tabs 6.00

toop 3.62
savings 5.00

3 Responses to “monthly shopping/home/car manetinace shopping.”

  1. Amber Says:

    Hope you're able to find a good home for your kitties

  2. Jerry Says:

    It's tough when allergies affect life like that, although it will lead to a sadder situation to get rid of the cats than any roaches! =) How did you find out about the allergies? Was it a test from the allergist doctor? We wanted to have that done but our health insurance wasn't covering it for my wife.

  3. jessicasue4321 Says:

    yes it was tests done by allergest at the hospital

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